Corporate Events

Dévah Quartet adds an unexpected touch of class and excitement to your upcoming event.  From a high-wattage electric string show with drummer to a subdued but still lively acoustic background set, Dévah Quartet is customizable to fit the entertainment needs of your specific corporate event.

In previous years, we have adapted to looks such as classy/elegant white gowns, black/gold cocktail, colour cocktail, steampunk, as well as our signature Dévah rocker look.

A popular use of Dévah Quartet’s electric show by previous clients is as an attention grabbing opening set to awards, ceremonies, festivities, etc. We’ve also supplied a set at the end of the evening as the closer event for that last “wow factor”.

Some past clients have included:

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Canadian Special Events
Canadian Stage
Casa Loma
Dom Pérignon
Hold’em For Life
Hudson’s Bay
Mirror Ball
Ontario Honors and Awards
Red Tag Vacations
Ronald McDonald House
Ted Baker
Tim Hortons
Toronto International Film Festival
Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week
Vaughan Film Festival
Viktor & Rolf
West Jet
Yee Hong Dragon Ball